Today i learnt a new term.

Like i said i seldom read. My volcab sucks. I met my uni friend in Kopitiam for the supposedly-last-meal in changi tgt (before heading to RMG to collect medication for the runny tap).

To cut the story short, after we parted ways, i whatsapp my friend saying i would pray for her for a smooth day ahead. Being the usual grateful chap she assured me that she wasnt that uptight and upset.. but maybe not as "euphoric" as me

Huh... simi si EUPHORIC?

After a short consultation with her, i gathered that maybe being contented in life easily gets one euphoric easily?


The amazing haze that still left me in a daze

It must have been the day of the marathon.
Felt like it was in the midst of a heavy downpour and we gathered snuggly under some attap roof for shelter. I saw Robin Tan who had finished(and probably washed up from his PB attempt earlier). I was perplexed; A few moments ago on a Monday morning I actually visited the doctor for sore throat and runny nose. Couldn’t really comprehend how things fall into current state. I don’t remember training much (thanks to the haze, I have been a gym rat on the threadmill) and here I was supposedly in the winners den(those who can run much faster than me are all considered winners).

This is as much as I could remember from the dream I had earlier on. There was supposed to be a second part I swear. I woke up with images of the dream vivid and I thought I could recapture them at a later time of the day. Barely 4 hrs passed since I woke up and 50% wiped out


Happy Tuesday folks!


2015... almost over...

Im here to clear my 3 years worth of cob webs...

Life now is largely about my family and work. The inevitable phase of a typical male in urban SG. I took moments to review what i wrote during the initial years of my blog and i noticed that

1. I spent alot of time sharing knowledge(tuition, my passion for outdoors in odac, skating)
2. I found myself doing the same sort of stuff as in point 1. I fused work with sharing and found myself enjoying coaching new comers to my job. Very satisfying to groom pple into the profession.

Not sure if im heading in the correct direction in life. But i will do my best to sustain what i love without having to life a life under someone elses expectations.

The past 3 years(particularly 2014 till present) saw me clocking more hours on the guitar. I have since played pro bono in a local cafe during tuesday evenings, and made efforts to round up like minded musicians in my work place to arrange music. Not to forget the great times doing emceeing for my friends for their wedding banquets . Someone on facebook messaged me asking my rates for emcee... that set me thinking . thats more than 15 weddings in a span of 4 years. I honestly enjoyed being a significant part of someone else's lives.... and the more important thing is that from these occasions i groomed myself to be a confident person(speaking on stage, playing live music)

To a fruitful and meaningful future ahead with my wife and children!!!!!

Shall sign on again when i find myself free enough to be here.  =)


i have survived half of 21st december 2012!!!!!


For those who have the time to see this, im here to remind you that im still alive!

Will post an entry in awhile. Happy new year and merry Xmas to all!


My love for this blog

Needless to say, i enjoyed writing in this blog. Time and space may have constrained my entries to less than one in a few months, but certainly the enjoyment lives on everytime i visit this blog , because:

1. This blog was created by my first batch of primary school tuition students. This year,they have just finished their Os. Wow... how time flies.

2. This blog was established during the times when i climbed / skated hard. The very existence of this blog was like a wonderful milestone for a boring man like me.

3. This blog saw me through the dark hours of preparing FYP as well as the final moments as a student before i embarked onto working life. Metamorphorsis told through this blog really...

4. Tight for time, i only continued blogging significant moments here. Well, this keeps me going on and the blog is used for stock taking from time to time.


being over zealous over things

Maybe i already knew this all along, but something recently happened to me that made me realised the truth in this.

Have you ever encountered someone who wants to do something big and has lots of fire and drive for what he/she holds true? Those are people whom one would usually look up to.

But when you try to live out that similar aspiration in your own way, that same fella comes along and show you how it should really be done. That doesnt really give one the space to try things out and learn from it

Over zealous, i mean extreme zealous can downplay your teammates. That i will always remember.


Mixed blessings

Recently, i got locked out from my own sim card. It was actually a consequence of my own 'evil' doing. Had a rough day that time at work and the last thing you would ever need is a phone that cant be reached from the outside world.

I was supposed to skate and then attend a bbq with a group of friends that evening(It was something pre arranged weeks ago). I guessed that the skating portion of the evening was called off due to bad weather, but i just thought i had to reach them to explain that i needed time to settle my sim card first before going to meet them for the bbq.

Heavy headed and drained, I drove in the persistent drizzle towards Parkway Parade shopping ( the nearest Hello! shop ) to get my sim card treated right after work. Believe me, the feeling of not being contactable was scary and dumb.

It didnt take much effort to navigate to the singtel shop in a seemingly empty PP shopping centre( in fact its a wonderful time to take a walk there. Not much human traffic then ).Right after the ordeal in hello! shop, i tried to make some contact by looking around for a public phone. Till today, i still cant forget the overwhelming sensation of assurance when i saw the PUBLIC PHONEBOOTH sign.

But what i saw beneath the sign wasnt that welcoming - it was a card phone booth.

I looked at the coin in my hand and this thought of having a phone card suddenly felt alientating. Where on earth do they sell phone cards these days?! Do they even sell it in the first place? Feeling lost and frustrated( plus fatigue from work ), i tried to convince myself that maybe i should have just gone home and sleep my woes away instead of dragging myself to meet my friends with a new sim card that wont work until half a day later.

It was at that very moment that i pondered over how i could survived on coins and card phones back in my early teen years. Appointments could still pull through ; somehow people back then could honour timings and locations to meet.

IF only my phone worked....I could have easily text-ed my friend and conveniently made my way home instead of wondering how or what to do in ECP before the bbq. No strings attached. Everything could be solved with an sms.

In the end, i still made my way to ECP. True enough, my skater friend was still in ecp waiting for me to turn up. The restlessness in his eyes( from waiting for me for 30min ) suddenly morphed into a smile of relief .

I felt better too. Something in me felt glad that i didnt "fly my friends the kite".